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our approach 

uniQua utilises a relational coaching model which puts the relationship, from the perspective of the coachee, at the centre. Recent studies have shown that the relationship between coachee and coach is more critical to the successful outcomes of the coaching than any specific coaching approach. Our coaches are trained in a broad range of psychological theories and coaching techniques and are either accredited, or working towards a professional coaching accreditation.​​​

Services and purpose

uniQua provides transition coaching, which can be used to develop recently hired or in post emerging and experienced leaders through change. Our coaching can be provided on a case-by-case basis or offered as a company benefit. Transition coaching can be used in a range of contexts including:



Subject matter or technical expert
Transition Coaching
High performing emerging leader
Recently acquired external leader
Transition Coaching
High performing leader
High performing change leadership
Transition Coaching
Leader within rapidly changing organisation
Coachee Development
We work with organisations and coachees to create a tailored transition coaching programme to meet the specific needs of the coachee. We then work with the coachee providing coaching to accelerate their personal development. We set out the expected outcomes for coaching as part of an initial session and use these to measure coaching outcomes.
Coachee Development Areas
Relationship building
Imagination and creativity
Skills development

Example development areas, uniQua, 2018

Measuring success

Measuring coaching outcomes using methods tailored to the context of the coaching and organisational requirements is a critical part of the uniQua offering. Techniques such as 360 degree feedback, quantitative and qualitative surveys can call help to understand and improve coachee outcomes

Benefits of coaching
Our transition coaching provides a wide variety of benefits to both the coachee and organisation.

Organisational Benefits

Candidate Coachee



Greater value delivered through the hiring process


Improved retention


Accelerated employee performance within the organisation


Enhanced support provision for new employees


Improved hiring manager satisfaction


Opportunities for organisational learning


Targeted one-to-one coaching to support personal development areas


Accelerated performance within the role


Improved self awareness and motivation


Improved wellbeing and resillience


Establish take action towards goals


Enhanced feeling of being valued supported and invested in by the organisation


Group Financial controller, UK PLC

Rory gets my highest recommendation as a coach. He is able to recognise and understand complex issues and help with creating action plans.


Rory has helped me develop my leadership approach and see myself more objectively. 

MBA graduate

Rory is an amazing career coach. He helped me gain clarity and shape a career plan. Rory’s ideas and enthusiasm always kept me motivated and inspired during my job search. I left our coaching conversations buzzing with ideas and action points. 


Rory has extensive knowledge around jobs, interviews, CV writing and much more. I believe Rory can help anyone thinking about what is next in their career to gain clarity, confidence and clear the blocks that were stopping them from getting their ideal job.


I am happy to recommend Rory as an excellent coach and reliable person!







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