Our Story


uniQua was founded in 2017 with a vision to redefine expectations within the leadership talent acquisition and transition coaching space. We have created a new model for talent acquisition which incorporates transition coaching within our fee structure.


uniQua also provides standalone transition coaching to develop emerging and existing leaders. Our transition coaching can be implemented on an ad-hoc basis or provided as a company benefit.





“I created uniQua with a vision to help people and organisations. 


People want to learn and develop, they want to feel motivated and connected and they want a fulfilling career. They want their employer to invest in their personal development and to support them through periods of transition. That support is most valuable when they first join the business, progress into a new role including first-time leadership or multifunctional leadership, or when the organisation is undergoing a period of significant growth or change.

Organisations need to hire the right talent and they need to make sure they have the necessary tools available to make effective hiring decisions. They need to make an investment to develop, coach and progress their staff, create effective teams, reduce hiring costs and retain their top performers.

I passionately believe our services are well placed to support our mission and the ever-changing demands placed on both individuals and organisations."




Rory McDermott, Founder & CEO

Leadership team

uniQua has an experienced leadership team with over 30 years of commercial experience helping to grow and develop businesses from start-ups to FTSE100 businesses.

Rory McDermott​

uniQua Founder & Coach, Rory  spent fifteen years in the recruitment and talent space before retraining as an executive coach with Ashridge business school. He is responsible for business growth, delivery and developing the business proposition

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Edel Hough

Edel is a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Finance professional, working within a FTSE 100 business. Edel has taken part in a prestigious leadership programme at INSEAD business school and provides financial and commercial expertise and an extensive network of contacts. 

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What We stand for


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  • Put customers first
  • Challenge
  • Innovate
  • Know how to fail
  • Treat everyone as unique
  • Always learn
  • Question everything
  • Diversity brings success



Put customers first


We know that our success is directly linked to the positive outcomes of all of our customers and coachees and so we always do right by them



Join us


uniQua is growing! We are looking to talk to talented people who want to work in the recruitment and coaching space.



Current Opportunities


Recruitment Delivery Managers - IT and Data Science, Legal, HR 

Transition Coach - Freelance

Recruitment Consultant